Issue 45

March 2024


  1. Issue 45 Editorial
    Editorrial Team

  2. "Metalogos's Voices" 2012...
    Fany Triantafillou, Andreas Tsafos

Closing the Metalogos Conference 2023

  1. Round Table: What is a journal today?
    Enzo de Bustis, Massimo Giuliani, Gianluca Ganda, Katia Charalambaki, Nikos Marketos, Marilena Karamatsouki, Efrossini Moureli, Eleftheria Tseliou
    5 Videos

  2. From the workshop: "Birthday's Voices" to the final Conference feedback
    Editorial Team

Systemic Association of Northern Greece Conference 2023

  1. Homo’s Identity today – Efrossini Moureli presents Graham Stevens
    Graham Stevens, Efrossini Moureli
    2 Videos

  2. A discussion with Elspeth McAdam
    Elspeth McAdam

  3. Social gender, gender identity & psychotherapy: From the art of inquiry to the instrumentality of validation
    Andreas Tsonidis

  4. The crisis of identity and the identity of crisis: Escort in crisis as the collective voice of a clinical practice – Presenting an escort in a crisis beyond all hope
    Emmanouilidou Anna, Giannakaki Alexia, Giovanakis Giannis, Zarkadaki Aliki, Iakovidou Anastasia, Ioakeimidou Maria, Katsoupi Sofia, Lili Triantafyllia, Mitrevski Theodoros, Pagiavli Rania, Perivolaris Vasilis, Ralli Tzeni

Other Descriptions

  1. Spoiled identity, en-bodied potentialities and co-movements: Ethnographic research and Anthropological quests in a guest house for the mentally ill
    Vasiliki Kravva

  2. Positioning – about positioning and re-positioning in special educational practice
    René Kristensen

  3. A complementary schismogenesis
    Yannis Angelis
    Text & Images

Metalogos & Books

  1. SISTEMICA Introduction – Metaphors from Economy, Management, Education, Medicine, Anthropology
    Umberta Telfener, Luca Casadio, Vincenzo Padiglione

Recollecting Gianfranco Cecchin

  1. Recollecting Gianfranco Cecchin
    Mental Health Centre of West Thessaloniki – Fany Triantafillou, Andreas Tsafos and MHC’s Therapeutic Team

  2. Dreaming of Gianfranco, twenty years later
    Massimo Schinco

  3. Discussing the book: Il mistero del Rispetto. Il pensiero di Cecchin e la terapia inclusiva
    Riccardo Canova, Gianluca Ganda, Massimo Giuliani

  4. Let’s talk about Irreverence!
    Fany Triantafillou, Kelly Patrikou, Giorgos Polymerou

Book Presentation

  1. Pietro Barbetta on his new book and other stories
    Pietro Barbetta, Editorial Team

Metalogos & Art

  1. Meta-Tabakaria - The spirit of the place
    Michalis Polychronakis
    Text & Images

  2. The “Artist out of his closet” – An ode to my warmrades
    Yannis Angelis


  1. A Letter from the Future to Ourselves
    Gail Simon, The Psychotherapists and Counsellors of 2026