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Dear friends, Metalogos needs your opinion in order to co-construct its future. Since you are welcome to comment on all contents of the current issue under each one of them, this is the place to send any message you like to the new Metalogos. So, we are looking forward to receiving from you - our readers, writers, colleagues - your comments on the new Metalogos, its form, content, accessibility etc., as well as your preferences, ideas and propositions.

Thanking you, The Editing Committee



Message from René Kristensen 03/06/2017


I would like a printed copy, an English version, of your great and inspiring magazine, celebrating Peter Lang!

René Kristensen, PD, Msc Lektor/ Associate Professor

University College Lillebaelt


part of an Elspeth McAdam's message 04/03/2017

I found the whole journal more inviting and alive than any hard copy or online ones I have read!

You can certainly add me to supporters and friends!


message (translated) from Eleni Butulussi 03/06/2017

... Metalogos is available through the Library of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

On behalf of our students and myself, we thank you for that!
Best of luck!

Eleni Butulussi

Prof. of Applied Linguistics School of German Language and Literature

Faculty of Philosophy

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


message from Cecilia Edelstein 03/06/2017

I saw the journal, congratulations! I am very impressed, such high quality! In content, aesthetic and sound and easy to operate.
I will certainly use it with my students, I will present it tomorrow during the team meeting and we will discuss it.


Message from Jim Wilson 02/14/2017

This is great. Thank you again for putting together a vital edition"!
Metalogos is a lively relevant and reader-friendly online journal. Its vitality comes across in its content, its presentation, and graphics. It is a pleasure to read and to be in touch with ideas that inspire practitioners.

In Vol 30 I was particularly moved by the simple elegance of the interview with Daniel Stern ~ priceless!


Message from K. Maki & the Team of "Odysseus" 02/14/2017

We wish you strength and energy to continue the good work. Journals like Metalogos don't exist in the field.

Kostoula Maki and the Team of "Odysseus"


Message from Maria Kyriakidou (translated) 02/01/2017

Bravo!!! This is an exceptional issue. Rich, concise and interesting!
Thank you for the "food" for thought you have been always offering.
Maria Kyriakidou


Message from Efie Agathagellidou (translated) 02/01/2017

Thank you very much for all this information...
Congratulations for your work!!!!!!



Message from Vicroria Sarafianou (translated) 02/01/2017

This is an issue richer than ever and particularly useful to people working with kids (and their families)!!!! Well done!
Victoria Sarafianou


Message from Prof. Harry Procter 08/04/2016

I have seen the new editions of the journal and feel very proud to number amongst their pages. The journal generally looks great. When I get more time I will explore the content and download some articles. Many congratulations to you and your colleagues for this magnificent achievement! Please let me know any feedback on my two articles!


Congratulations to Metalogos from Dr Mark Haydon-Laurelut

Dear Colleagues

Congratulations for producing this issue of Metalogos under what I am sure are very difficult circumstances. I am proud to be associated with your journal.

Best wishes

Dr Mark Haydon-Laurelut


On 12/25/14, Dr Wendel Ray, wrote:

Dear Fany, I just received the new Metalogos, the paper turned out beautifully - thank you for translation & editing. I WILL send the video soon. Warmest holiday wishes,



On Dec 24, 2014, Imelda McCarthy wrote:

Thank you all at Metalogos and a very Happy Christmas and 2015 to you all

Thanks so much



Message from Dr Imelda McCarthy 11/17/2013

I love the ejournal and the layout and the fact that there are videos as well as articles. It was lovely to read over the history of the MRI and remember those days of heady excitement. The opening page is very powerful and thank you also for having it in English. I am sure there will be much interest in it. I will put the link up on my professional site on facebook, called the Fifth Province Group.

All best wishes



To the Editors of Metalogos by Jochen Scweitzer 11/17/2013

To the editors of Metalogos

Congratulations to this important step. I will try to help making this known in Germany

Jochen Schweitzer

President, German Association for Systemic Therapy, Counselling und Family Therapy