How to register

The address takes us on the home page of Metalogos. In the top right corner, we can press in the "Log In" field. It opens a new page with three choices:

  • Insert our account info (username-password) and log in to the journal.

  • Or create a new user account (in case we are not registered already), setting our real Surname (first) and Name as username, in Latin characters, and our email.

  • Or, in the end, to reset our password in case that is forgotten.

It takes a relatively short time until the administrator approves the creation of a new user account. Following this, we will receive a new email from Metalogos with the confirmation of our account and a single-use link that opens the page where we will set our account password.

From the moment that this process is completed, we are Metalogos' registered users, and we can log in to the journal with our username and password.

Note: The passwords should not be shared with anyone, and you should keep a copy in case they are forgotten.


How to Log-In

If you already have a Metalogos' account, you have to fill your username and password after choosing "Log in" and then have full access to the journal's material, provided that you have the appropriate subscription.

In case you forget your password, you can choose the "Reset your password" button (it will appear as soon as you try to log in) and follow the instructions to obtain a new password.

If you forget your username, you will have to contact Metalogos' administrator in as, unfortunately, there is no automated process to reset it.

Once connected, you can have an overview of the journal and its contents. If you wish to continue and read the issues, watch the videos and download files from Metalogos, you will need to become a subscriber, i.e., pay the set amount. From 2020 it is 30 euros per year.



"Metalogos journal - Systemic approaches and Psychotherapy" is published biannually (in June and December). The available subscription options are the following:

  • Subscription (individual) for the current year 30 euros.

  • Subscription (individual) for the following year: 30 euros

  • Institute subscription for the current year: 130 euros

  • Institute subscription for the following year: 130 euros

  • 22, old printed issues (old Metalogos, only in Greek) purchase: 50 euros + postage expenses

  • Donate.

To subscribe to Metalogos, you will have first to be registered users and connected to the Internet.

The field "Subscriptions - Donate - Print Purchase" is located on the right side of Metalogos' page, under the "Search" field.

The subscription payment options are either via the use of credit card, or by payment via a bank transfer to SEVE's (Systemic Association of Northern Greece) account.

Terms of use for Institutes: The subscription paid for Institutes includes the access of their students. It allows access to the journal through the Institute's computers. Each student can read and download any material only from the Institute's premises. As soon as the subscription payment is completed, the access to the journal will be activated. The account information (username & password) can be used from all students with access to the Institute's computers, with the Institute's account and in the Institute's premises. If students would like to access the journal from different premises, they should not use the Institute's account but would have to register and get an individual subscription.

Additional help to the users: In addition to the provided information, if there are any issues, or you need further help to use the journal's website, please, contact the administrator and the Editorial Committee directly via email:


Important information about the immediate activation of the access to Metalogos

Whatever method of payment of the subscription to Metalogos you choose, you need to send an email directly to: informing the administration of Metalogos about the subscription so that the activation of the access will be almost immediate. Otherwise, it might take some time for the activation (up to 3 or 4 days).


Subscription via Credit Card

With these subscription payment options, you are forwarded to the relevant page and follow the process.

If you choose to pay your subscription via credit card, the activation of your account will be relatively short - as soon as the bank notifies the journal about your payment.

Also, if you wish to donate, and the amount does not exactly correspond with the presets in the forms for the payment of Metalogos' subscriptions, you can pay this amount either via credit card (IBAN below), or Bank transfer.


Subscription via Bank Transfer

The subscription can be paid directly via bank transfer to SEVE's bank account:

Alpha Bank


Account Ref. Number: 715002002002255

IBAN: GR26 0140 7150 7150 0200 2002 255


To activate your subscription and access, please inform the Editorial Committee about the transferred amount and the subscription option at the following email:

Please, notice that any interbank expenses (usually 1-3€) are on you.