Guidelines for Authors

Terms of publishing Texts and submitting videos.
Metalogos welcomes texts related to systemics and its after developments.

  • Writers can upload their texts on line, formatted as word doc documents, if they wish to do so, at the field «upload file». Also, texts can be emailed to together with the credentials of the writers.

  • The preference for their formal assessment (by the two independent assessors) or not should be clearly stated.

  • The material could include theoretical, clinical, and research presentations up to 20 pages (Α4, 2,5 cm margins, font Georgia 12 pt. and single line spacing).

  • Book presentations could be up to 2-4 pages.

  • The text should be original, having not been published in another journal. Or, if it has been published before, it should have the permission to be reprinted in Metalogos. In a few cases, Metalogos could ask for permission to translate in Greek and upload the text in both languages.

  • Texts, photos, and videos sent to Metalogos are not returned to the writers/creators.

  • The text (or video) should be escorted by a small summary.

  • The title of the paper, the names of the authors and their professional field, their e-mail, telephone number and post address should be reported.

  • As for the References, the journal follows the APA style.

As far as the videos submission is concened:

  • They should be shared by dropbox.

  • Together with a small summary and the credentials, address, e mail etc. of their creators.

  • They could be in mp4 format or any other format appropriate for a Web or a YouTube presentation. Duration up to 30 minutes. The creators are advised to get in touch with the Ed. Committee well in advance.

Caution: The material used should follow the term to refer to the sources of inspiration. As long as material from other authors/creators is used, the author/creator should have sought their permission.
Please note: Invited authors/creators by the Editing Committee, don't need of course to have their presentations formally assessed although there might be a few suggestions on editing or form.

Some guidelines on comments for texts, videos and the participation in the Blog’ s discussions
Although we believe that people inspired by systemic ideas express their critical thinking about ideas/actions without criticising clumsily ideas and persons, none the less, we should remind the usual formal rules applying to such a section.
Please, before you send your comments, take into account the following:

  • Writing in Capitals (Caps) or in greeklish is not allowed.

  • Every point of view is respected, provided that it does not include abuse, irony, incomprehensive, denigrating and offensive expressions, particularly on a personal level, against the co-discussants, the writers and the presenters.

  • Please don’ t send comments irrelevant to the topic under discussion.

  • Only the registered members are allowed to send comments, and each one of them participates with his/her real name.

Based on all the above, the Administrator has the right to delete comments without any further notice.
If there are any queries about the commenting process, please contact Metalogos at: